Jeep Club Indonesia, THE 1ST JEEP CLUB INDONESIA ANNUAL GALA DINNER 25 FEBRUARI 2021 Finance Leasing Parthner Gathering

PT DAS Indonesia Motor held a gala dinner “Jeep Club Indonesia 1st Annual Gala Dinner 2021”, this event held to appreciate the Jeep owners that represented by the Jeep® car club in Indonesia. The event was attended by JK Owners Indonesia, JSI Community, JK Merah Putih Club, Broser 4x4, JK One Club and received support from representatives from IMI Pusat. This Jeep Club Indonesia Gala Dinner is not an inauguration event for the new Jeep Club, but is a forum for Jeep® car users in Indonesia who are members of Jeep car clubs In the future, Jeep Indonesia plans to hold several club activities that support tourism activities in Indonesia, which will also be able to accommodate Jeep® owners to explore their love for their vehicles and build their own stories. Apart from the Jeep® car clubs, PT DAS Indonesia Motor also invited other parties with the aim to strengthen the relationship between consumers, dealers and banks as providers for financing facilities with the Brand Holder Agent (APM).